„LELÉKA“ is a multinational Jazz Quartett around the Ukrainian singer Viktoria Leléka, whose voice determines the character and atmosphere of their music. The wide range from dynamic grooving passages to tender folk music ballads, finds the perfect setting in a contemporary jazz vernacular, which the quartet has developed into a diversified concept. „Leléka“ is a successful example of a young formation that occupies a well considered place within this borderline-smashing genre. This exceptional position in the world of music made them laureates of the Creole – Global Music Contest Berlin and the European Jazz Award Burghausen 2018.

“If this band doesn’t manage to break through, an awful lot of things will need to have gone wrong…“
London Jazz News

Viktoria Leléka (UA) – voc
Povel Widestrand (SW) – p
Thomas Kolarczyk (PL) – b
Jakob Hegner (DE) – dr